The Performex method

How to get better results in 100 days?

  • Performex is a coaching and training program that is built from a long study spanning over more than 15 years to explore the barriers that executives and managers face in order to achieve better results.
  • The program accurately identifies the barriers that executives and managers face on a daily basis in managing their teams and proposes a few best practices to address those issues.
  • With about 100 interventions completed, Performex has been taught for ten years in the Executive MBA program at the School of Management Sciences at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM).
  • The Performex method has been published in several scientific journals demonstrating its effectiveness. The Notable journals include: International Journal Strategic Change Management, International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management, International Journal of Management in Education.

Benefits of the Performex intervention system

A significant improvement in your organization’s performance over 100 days. Productivity gains of about one month per year and of one year for a work unit of 12 persons.

Achieving better results by working directly on the managerial obstacles faced by your organization’s executives and managers.

Focused directly on the implementation of your action plans and objectives. Developing competency by focusing on 25 best practices of performing leaders with their teams.

Developing competency by focusing on 25 best practices of performing leaders with their teams.
Sustainable and practical solutions to recurring problems experienced by your organization’s leaders.

Benefits of the Performex Method

For each of the managers, it identifies action plans and personal projects directly transferable into his work unit to implement the objectives. The intervention preceded, accompanied, and followed by implementation exercises for managers and their unit are also highlighted.

Implementation and coaching opportunities.

Performex Grid: The 25 best execution practices, identifying areas of performance and improvement for each participant.

The promise of productivity gains of one month per year based on evaluations of participants and of one year for a unit of 12 people.

Performex survey Identifies areas for improvement (obstacles) and performance for managers and employees.

It helps in calculating the economic value of the objectives of the participants in the organization. The return is estimated at $10 for each $1 invested. The proposed improvements generally represent 10 times the cost of training over 48 to 60 months.

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